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My SEO Architect Role

I am working on web-based applications to manage search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. My products are for SEO professionals, website owners and SEO agencies.

Google introduce tool to disavow links

As links are important factor for ranking in search results so lot of spam activity happen for link acquisition and some time webmaster don't have any control for stopping spam links.

Drop index in mongodb

For deleting all indexes for specific collection use the following command


However to delete a single index on specific collection use the following command

Add index in mongodb

Conceptually Indexes in MongoDB are similar to those of MySQL and other RDBMS and proper Indexes can enhance query performance significantly as without the index, MongoDB has to traverse through each

SEO plays a high priority in start-ups

For start-up companies, massive advertising is expensive and PR comes into picture as the company matures. Like social media, SEO is far more effective without an advertising budget!

HBase an open source DB

So what exactly is HBase?

Now use sitemap for annotations of multinational or multilingual site

To better target your sites for multiple languages and different nations and avoid duplication one can use rel="alternate" hreflang="x" in the HTML <head> section but now search engine also allo